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When you send Memorywall your images we will edit and arrange them to the layout you have chosen. If you would like us to select your photographs from a collection, we’d be happy to do so alternatively you may wish to display your images in a specific order, if so just let us know!

Memorywall prices are based on standard sizes A0, A1, A2 and A4 and two square options, 60 x 60cm and 25 x 25cm, as shown below (available in landscape or portrait orientation).
Bespoke sizes are available, please call us for a quote.
Memorywall sizes

On the wall
Dimensions are sometimes hard to visualise so Memorywall has created an
'on wall' scale diagram to help... click image to view.
scale memorywall

We have four standard layout options as shown below but if you have an idea for something different.. just call us.

Structured Squares
Structured Squares

Offset Squares
Offset squares

Grid layout

Landscape vs Portrait
landscape vs portrait


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